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Why Dodgeball?


 Feeling Like Something is Missing?

Join Our Nation and Come Home.


Why Trampoline Dodgeball? Because it's the way Dodgeball was always meant to be played.


In Pre-historic times like the 1950s, Dodgeball was played on a basketball court with big rubber balls since Rubber was the only material available for athletic balls at the time. Due to advancements in modern technology, foam became a suitable replacement and is now the go-to material for Dodgeballs. And with the invention of trampoline parks, the revolution of the sport is well under way providing a fun and competitive alternative to the traditional sport while simultaneously making it safer and less of an impact on the body compared to hardwood basketball courts.


IMAGINE being one of the pioneers of professional Football and getting to play in the 1st Superbowl? Not Super Bowl LIV. Super Bowl Number 1! This is where you get your chance. Whether you were an all-star pitcher in college, or if you flunked gym, here at MVPNation, we can all be an MVP again. 


                    Why Not just play in one of the “Other” Existing Sports leagues out there?


There are no other Trampoline Dodgeball leagues in existence in the Northeast, so you would be the FIRST from your friends, family or long-lost college buddies to do it.


If you ever played in one of those "other" sports leagues you may have encountered bossy, drunk Team Captains peer pressuring you to drink as if it were the senior prom after party in high school. Here at MVPNation Sports we live by the core principles:

(Hope for)…CONNECTIONS    


(Have Faith in)…TAKING CHANCES


(Find Peace in)…TOGETHERNESS


(Find Joy in)…GROWING


(Find Love in Creating a)…FAMILY


And Unlike in the Dodgeball Movie, you don’t have to worry about being teamed up against people named Laser, Blazer, Taser or Steve the Pirate. Our leagues are Co-Ed 18+ and have Average Joe's and Jane's of varying skill levels from first-timers to Individuals who have been with us since the inception of the league back in 2018.


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Michael Peterson

Victoria Alexandra

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